Saturday, 23 February 2013

Woke up today to a surprise blanket of fresh snow in the garden. Felt a little like a child again, when a stealthy overnight snow turned the world into a magical kingdom.

I've decided to hold off posting any new chapters this week, other than the first part of the Theseus Skit chapter I posted on Tuesday. I might be posting the second half next week, in which Theseus tells the true story of how he met Ariadne. But we'll see. I might not post anything new for a few weeks. While I've been busy editing the next cluster of chapters, I've also seen the need for some organizing and planning. At this point I've posted just under half my chapters, and some of my edits have turned into revisions with significant domino effects on later chapters. So it seemed a good idea for me to take a look ahead and get prepared for the big push to edit and revise the second half.

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