Monday, 25 March 2013

mixed feelings

More snow outside my window today, but even though the wind is freezing cold nothing is accumulating.

My editing has gotten a few chapters ahead of my posts, but it's in for a major slow down next week, about which I have mixed feelings. I'm enrolled in a six week training course starting next week, which hopefully will lead to me landing a job. Alas, finding work in a new country (and a pretty economically depressed region of it) has been harder than I'd hoped. On the one hand I've had loads of time to write and share my work with others these last months, but corollary to my availability to write has been a fruitless search for employment.

It has been great being able to set aside large blocks of time for my book in between job searching. I've loved it, really loved it. And while some day I'd love to write for a living, or even half a living, for now I'm facing yet another test of resilience as a writer. I intend to grab time whenever I can to get the rest of this book edited, but probably this process is going to take several months.

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